Sanatorium “Uzbekistan” (Yalta, RF)

Sanatorium "Uzbekistan" in Yalta is one of the first health resorts in Crimea, which began operating in 1924 on the basis of the summer residence of the Emir of Bukhara Said-Abdul-Akhadkhan. The sanatorium is located in one of the ancient parks of Yalta on the slope of Mount Mogabi, near the famous Uchan-Su waterfall . The buildings of the sanatorium were built 6 km from the sea, 8 km from the center of Yalta and 4 km from Livadia.

Thanks to the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a lot of work has been done in the sanatorium to reconstruct the sanatorium, today repair and construction work continues, and the sanatorium itself is the cultural heritage of the country. In the sanatorium, highly qualified medical workers provide sanatorium and resort services to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The territory of the sanatorium is a monument of garden and park architecture. Natural conditions have formed in these places a unique climate, corresponding to the coastal Mediterranean type. Ionized air saturated with oxygen and phytoncides contributes to the treatment of chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract; cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Medical base: biochemical analyzes, oxygen cocktails, phytobar, inhalations, baths with bioconcentrates, ozocerite, psychoaromotherapy, manual massage, mechanical massage, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy (for spinal pain, treatment of osteochondrosis and hernia), herbal medicine, electrocardiography, climate therapy on the beach.

Infrastructure of the sanatorium: sleeping and medical buildings, a garage, administrative buildings, a heat station, a dining room, an outdoor pool with fresh water, a billiard room, a parking lot, a tour desk, a library, a sports ground, a post office, a conference hall, a first-aid post, a cinema hall, a dance floor and much more.

In the dining room of the sanatorium, along with national Uzbek dishes, dishes are prepared according to European recipes.

The functional sanatorium "Uzbekistan" boasts its own pebble beach, which is perfect for aero-helio-thalassotherapy procedures.

Each room is equipped with everything you need: TV, satellite or cable TV, tea and coffee set, refrigerator, individual air conditioning.

For seminars, trainings, presentations and other corporate events, a modern conference hall is provided on the territory of the sanatorium.

The sanatorium offers delightful conditions for health-improving rest.


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