In which sanatoriums you have vouchers?

The Directorate of JSC "Uzbekiston" of the State Medical University under the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan sells vouchers to the sanatorium "Uzbekistan" in the cities of Yalta and Kislovodsk of the Russian Federation

What is the cost of vouchers?

The cost of a ticket to the sanatorium "Uzbekiston" Yalta-Kislovodsk depends on the category of rooms. There is a price list.

What kind of rooms do you have?

 In the sanatorium of Kislovodsk, room category:

  • Standard 1-2 bed room
  • Developed standard (comfort) 1-2 bed room
  • Luxury 1-2-4 bed room

In the sanatorium of Yalta, room category:

  • Standard 1-2 bed room
  • Developed standard (comfort) 1-2 bed room
  • Luxury 1-2-4 bed room
  • 8-bed room apartment
What is included in a cost of voucher?

In a cost of the voucher in the sanatorium includes food, treatment, accommodation

What types of treatment do you have?

In the sanatorium "Uzbekiston" in Kislovodsk, it is planned to carry out preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures using natural resources with modern medical equipment for diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory systems, as well as the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system. In the sanatorium "Uzbekiston" in Yalta, favorable climatic conditions, oxygen-saturated air and phytoncides contribute to the treatment of chronic diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract, cardiovascular and nervous systems

What is the food in the sanatorium?

Meals in sanatoriums 3 times a day, with elements of national cuisine. Products for cooking (halal)

Have you any facilities and discounts for children?

Benefits for vouchers are provided only to the attached contingent and family members who are treated at Government polyclinics No. 1,2. For children, wellness vouchers are sold, without treatment, 75% of the cost of the voucher for the selected category.

Is it needable to have a medical document for treatment?

To receive sanatorium treatment, vacationers must have sanatorium-resort cards with them, which indicate which types of treatment are supposed to receive, and which are contraindicated.

Where and how an air ticket can be bought?

For the convenience of serving vacationers, there is an air ticket office, and tickets for the selected route can be purchased at the Airline Havo Yollari "UZBEKISTAN AIRWAYS".

Have you any transfers?

Upon arrival at the sanatorium "Uzbekiston" in Kislovodsk, there is a transfer from the airport to the sanatorium and back. Vacationers are met and escorted. The shuttle service is provided free of charge. There is temporarily no transfer to the sanatorium "Uzbekiston" in Yalta. Vacationers travel on their own.